Limagrain entered the Chinese market in 1993, officially establishing a corporation in China in 1997. Through its constant research and development work, Limagrain China brought some effective and significant improvements to wheat, corn, and vegetable seeds. In all these subjects, we contribute to improve the expertise of China with regard to biotechnologies, particularly through the techniques of genomics. Furthermore, it has cultivated various varieties that can adapt to different areas of China. For instance, LIC016 was the first early-maturing hybrid that Limagrain developed in China. LIC016 was granted seed selection in China and achieved national authorization in 2007. This hybrid is extremely early-maturing, with high output and disease resistance; it represents innovation in Chinese corn production with the ability to be planted in high elevation regions, such as the northeast part of China and Inner Mongolia.

In addition to seed breeding and grain crop improvement technology, Limagrain also owns advanced technology for biodegradable plastic. The proprietary product Biolice can be applied widely for mulch and other agricultural production. This product has been used in vegetable mulch experiments in Yunnan for more than four years and wil soon be introduced in other provinces. Biolice mulch is a composite of plastic particles together with grain crop. After lying in the field for three months, the mulch degrades naturally through the sun’s photosynthesis, and this prevents the land and fertile fields from being polluted, thereby achieving complete degradation and composting.

Our businesses involve, by definition, long-term research activities. We therefore wish to develop lasting cooperation with China.

Our wish is to participate in the consolidation currently being conducted in the Chinese seed sector. Groupe Limagrain can be a useful ally in achieving that purpose, through its domains of expertise, particularly in maize, wheat and vegetable seeds.
Moreover, our know-how in biotechnology with a non-food vocation could enable China to provide solutions to face certain environmental challenges.
Finally, our experience can be useful in the field of bakery products and ingredients for the agri-food industry (Limagrain is a supplier for the most demanding baby-food companies).
Our goal is to develop these different businesses in China.

  • We look forward to long-term cooperation with Chinese partners, introducing the advanced technology of Limagrain in China and developing joint projects.
  • We believe that cooperation and development between Limagrain and our Chinese partners will bring great mutual benefits.
  • We are eager to make investments and market developments in the seed industry and in cereal ingredients, making positive efforts to improve the living standards of the Chinese people.
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