Strategy / Partnership

Biotechnology partnership

Limagrain has mastered various plant biotechnologies: double-stranded haploid production, high-throughput molecular marking, transgenesis – on various different field crops such as maize, wheat, barley, rape and sunflower and more than 20 vegetable varieties. Via its Genective brand, Limagrain has developed a number of proprietary characteristics for use in transgenesis. Possible partnerships could be set up around these activities, either in the collection, screening or phenotyping of propective genes.

Seed partnerships

Limagrain is seeking research partners to develop a variety of fields crops as well as certain vegetable varieties specific to Asia. Limagrain has selected a dozen field crop species and more than 20 vegetable varieties, some of which have already been selected in China, such as corn, wheat, tomato, bell pepper, hot pepper, cucumber, carrot and so on.

Agro-food industry

With its Jacquet-Brossard brand, Limagrain possesses know-how in the industrial bakery and pastry fields. Distribution and production partnerships, including technology transfers, could be envisaged in this domain.

Within the scope of LCI, Limagrain is also a supplier of cereal ingredients and a producer of 100% biodegradable and compostable plastic wrap (biolice). In China, Limagrain is looking for opportunities in functional flour for infant nutrition and other rapidly developing Chinese agro-food sectors such as semolina and maize flour, cereal-based texturing agents and dietary fibres.

Intellectual property commercialization via Limagrain’s international network

Limagrain has a network spanning 40 countries and extensive experience in commercializing intellectual property in the three above-mentioned sectors. Groupe Limagrain can offer Chinese companies or institutes which hold plant variety rights in these three domains either the opportunity to license their rights oversees (with royalty payments), or to implement a co-protection / co-commercialization strategy.

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