Presentation of Groupe Limagrain

Limagrain is an international agricultural cooperative enterprise and the world’s 4th largest seed industry enterprise, specializing in row crop seeds and vegetable seeds as well as grain products. Established in 1942 by French farmers in the Auvergne region in central France, Limagrain has more than 70 years of history.

Limagrain’s row crop seeds are ranked 5th in the world, and its vegetable seeds are ranked 2nd. As its main business principles, the enterprise values innovation together with sustainability, constantly endeavoring to produce high-quality seeds and grain products.

The LCI Company, owned by Limagrain, produces functional flour and is the leading name among European countries. These flours are used in various agroindustrial sectors, especially baby-food, but also for the production of Biolice, an agricultural mulch film that is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

In addition, Jacquet-Brossard bakery products, a subsidiary of Limagrain, have the 3rd largest share of the bakery market in France.

Limagrain has continuous influence on the world’s agricultural industry and agro-food processing industry, as it reinvents itself and constantly creates innovation to adapt to agricultural markets. As a world’s leading seed industry enterprise, Limagrain regards research and development as its core strength. The enterprise invests 13% of its sales into research and development to continually promote innovation. Limagrain’s profits in 2011-2012 amounted to €1.784 billion. Its subsidiaries are present in 39 countries worldwide. Limagrain now has more than 7,800 employees, including 1,550 research professionals.

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