• 1997: Representative office in Beijing
  • 2002: Shanxi Limagrain Special Crops R&D Co., Ltd.
  • 2002:  Wheat R&D station in Shanxi Province and Maize station in Hebei province
  • 2005: R&D stations for vegetable seeds in Shandong province and Gansu province
  • 2006: Shanxi Limagrain Beijing Branch
  • 2006: Maize stations in Shanxi province and Jilin province
  • 2007: VHK (Vilmorin Hong Kong)
  • 2009: Limagrain (Beijing) Agricultural Technical Service Co., Ltd. (Vegetable WFOE, R&D)
  • 2009: Limagrain (Beijing) Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (Service WFOE)
  • 2011: Shanxi Limagrain Beijing province Branch for maize R&D
  • 2012: Maize stations in Henan province for maize/wheat R&D
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