Through its activities, Limagrain participates in the future of agriculture. Its commitments to sustainable agriculture meet the requirements of economic efficiency, social and territorial viability, and respect for the environment. This vision of sustainable development is based on Limagrain’s daily practices throughout the world
As Limagrain, just like the rest of society, faces the challenges of food security and the responsible management of resources, the Group has elected to adopt a structured approach for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Such an approach corresponds to its desire to meet the challenges of the 21st century in an efficient, innovative and responsible manner, in a spirit of solidarity, in coherence with its “Fundamentals”. The mission of the Sustainable Development Department is to translate CSR principles into operational measures. In all cases, the aim is to reconcile economic, socio-territorial and ecological performance.

1.      Agriculture : To contribute to the future of farmers and different forms of agriculture

The stakes for society: Feed mankind sustainably.
Everywhere in the world, farmers should be able to have access to production resources and obtain fair prices and remuneration for their work. Food security, and therefore the future of agriculture and the agri-food sector, are dependent on the lasting prosperity of farmers.


  • Participating in the viability and vitality of its region of origin.
  • Creating high performance seeds that meet the needs of farmers.
  • Respecting the diversity of different forms of agriculture.
  • Promoting an international agricultural and food policy.
  • 2.      Plant Innovation : To innovate and to produce more and better

    The stakes for society: Meet the growing evolution of mankind’s needs.
    In 2050, in order to satisfy the needs of the planet’s nine billion inhabitants, all farmers will need to be mobilized to increase agricultural production by 70%, providing consumers with safe, healthy products and renewable biomaterials.


  • Improving plants to meet customer needs.
  • Creating seeds better adapted to different climates and soils.
  • Sharing knowledge in order to improve agricultural production.
  • Organizing traced chains to guarantee the authenticity of our products.
  • 3.      Environment : To reconcile economic development and preservation of the environment

    The stakes for society: Achieve optimal environmental performance.
    The scarcity of arable land surfaces and natural resources, and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mean that we have no other choice but to find innovative solutions.


  • Creating varieties that are both economical and more productive.
  • Participating in better management of water resources.
  • Contributing to the fight against greenhouse gases.
  • Conceiving renewable raw materials from plants.
  • 4.      Access to progress : To control progress in plant improvement and make it accessible fairly to everyone

    The stakes for society: Enrich biodiversity and make progress accessible.
    Access to progress and the sharing of knowledge are essential to any evolution. The use of life science technologies requires an acute sense of responsibility and pedagogy.


  • Utilizing biotechnology with a responsible vision of progress.
  • Sharing genetic resources so that agriculture can progress.
  • Protecting plant breeding without confiscating genetic variability.
  • Disseminating knowledge in the field of plant improvement.
  • 5.      Human Ressources: To encourage staff commitment

    The stakes for society: Create a pleasant, attractive working environment
    When faced with a difficult economic environment, with the increasing needs to develop social links and the rapid rise in the use of digital applications, relations at work are changing. The company must demonstrate agility to attract, keep and develop talent, but also adapt organizations.


  • Attracting and developing talents.
  • Encouraging mobility.
  • Developing skills.
  • Strengthening the Group spirit.
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